Wings to the Spirit Foundation, Inc.
Guidelines for Grant Proposals


The Wings to the Spirit Foundation, Inc. (WTTSF) seeks to encourage the arts in service to humanity, realizing that the arts can be of service in many ways – functional,  educational, entertaining, uplifting, inspiring and more.   To this end WTTSF offers  two levels of grants to encourage artists in all genre and mediums to think of their work in terms of service to the greater good.

Current  grant options and parameters:

1.    A smaller, short-term turn around grant of $200 – $500 designed for projects to be completed within nine months of receipt of the grant. These are ideal for, but not limited to, workshop fees, travel expenses to conferences, and materials

2.    A larger, more competitive grant of $500 – $2000 to assist with longer term projects on a larger scale

The number of grants awarded in each cycle will depend upon the number and quality applicants.

Proposals must agree with the mission and vision of Wings to the Spirit Foundation and the general principles and teachings of the Baha’i  Faith (such as: Unity, diversity, elimination of prejudices, equality of men and women; fundamental agreement of science and religion, one God, one humanity, the importance of education, the spiritual potential of the arts and others ).

All grants must have a service component such as: outreach to an underrepresented community; a public or educational presentation or performance; a mentoring component or; a donation of work.  This is only a list of suggestions and is not meant to be a comprehensive list of ways in which a service can be rendered. It should not limit the imagination. If the grant is for personal development, how will the benefit be shared with the community?

The service component proposed should be completed within two months of the work itself. Planning and preparation for the service component should take place concurrently with the project itself and be explained in the narrative.

WTTSF grants are not intended for the continuing support of any particular artist or project and will not be granted to any artist or group of artists in two successive years, for the same project. An artist may not apply for both grant catagories in the same year.

Proposals are not limited to members of the Baha’i Faith or residents of  the US..


Proposals must have artistic merit as determined by a panel of reviewing artists (selected by the Wings to the Spirit Foundation) familiar with the discipline or format being proposed. Awarding of grants will be based on the judgment of a committee of 3-5 participants, the majority of whom are artists in the discipline of the applicant and at least two of which are members of the board of directors of WTTSF.

Proposals  arriving after the deadlines stated below will be considered for the next cycle.

Proposals received on time, but not funded, may be encouraged to re-submit for future grants.

All proposals must include the artist’s contact information and the following, in English:

1.    A project narrative of no greater than 5 double-spaced pages including: the artist’s vision; number of people affected; proposed criteria for measuring success of the project; an accurate description of the service component.

2.    A timeline for the project and the service component.  Please note that the artist will be responsible for obtaining space/venue, time, etc. for their proposed project, if applicable (example: public space for an installation of public art). These must be documented before grant monies are disbursed.

3.    A project budget including: total expenses; all matching funds; in-kind donations and; an accurate representation of the contributions of any or all partners. This should include the artist’s personal contribution and grants from other sources.

Though most projects must be completed within 9-18 months, in the event of personal emergency the occasional extension may be made, provided WTTSF is notified well prior to the project’s end.

WTTSF expects grants to operate  reliably on an honor system; however, WTTSF seeks to be scrupulously responsible for all funds raised and entrusted to it as an entity of service.  Accurate budget and other documentation will, therefore, be required from all to whom grants are made available. The intent is not to be burdensome but, rather, to encourage professional accountability. WTTSF will require reimbursement of any misdirected grant monies.

4.     One to three letters of support or partnership; CD or DVD of previous work if applicable; diagrams or sketches where appropriate. Proposals must have documented support from the community of benefit. For example: If a sculpture is being donated to a public park, the city must agree to receive and install it.

Though it is one of the expressed purposes of WTTSF to make assistance, in the form of grants, available to artists seeking to be of service to humanity through their work, WTTSF asserts the right to withhold granting of funds in any given cycle if there are no applicants who satisfactorily meet the established criteria, including but not limited to: timeliness; accuracy; thoroughness; accountability; compatibility with Baha’I principles and teachings; quality of work; and honesty.

WTTSF asserts the right to alter or establish new guidelines from time to time. Any changes will apply to future grant cycles and will be posted on the WTTSF website.

Timelines and deadlines:

Short term grants  of $200-$500 will be made twice  per year for projects to be initiated within three months of receipt of the grant and completed within nine months of funds disbursement:

Proposals received by May 15 each year will be notified, posted and disbursed by July 15 of that year.

Proposals received by December 15 each year will be notified, posted and disbursed by March 1 of the following year.
Longer  term grants  of up to $2000 will be made annually. Proposals received prior to  December 15 each year will be considered, notified, posted and disbursed on or before March 1 of the following year.

When grantees are notified in writing of the acceptance of their proposals a letter of agreement/contract  will be attached outlining all requirements of acceptance including, but not limited to: post project reporting and a release to use documenting photos, audio, video, etc .on the WTTSF website and any literature promoting WTTSF and WTTSF grants in the future. All rights to created materials belong to the artist(s). Recipients will also agree to reimburse WTTSF if expended funds are found to have been misappropriated or misrepresented.

Post Grant Project Reports:

Within 90 days of the completion of the project, WTTSF should receive a report – to be posted to the WTTSF website – containing the following:

An actual budget accounting of funds spent
A one page description of the project’s service component with documenting photos, video, audio, etc.

Contact information:

Questions concerning proposals should be addressed to: [email protected]

All proposals and reports should be mailed to:

    Wings to the Spirit Foundation, Inc.
    Grant Proposals
    113 Baybridge Drive
    Gulf Breeze, FL  32561

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