In this section you will find information that we hope you will find useful.


Here you will find information about submitting a grant proposal to Wings to the Spirit Foundation. Several times a year we offer small grants of $200-$500. Once each year the foundation offers  grants of up to $2000. Artists do not need to be Baha’is but their work and proposals should be in keeping with the principles of the Baha’i Faith (maybe link to a Baha’i site).


The archiving project of the foundation seeks to archive specifically the work of Baha’is who are professional artists all over the world. It is a huge undertaking, but one that we feel will be valuable for the future. As time and human power allow, the project will be expanded.

Our current efforts are designed to proceed in a methodical way – beginning with the visual arts  and written word because they are the simplest and take up the least digital space. We will be graduating to music and film and other art forms in the future. If you have contact information for professional artists who are Baha’is and should be included. Please email [email protected]


An excerpt from a  2005 statement from the Universal House of Justice regarding the graceful integration of the arts into community activities and the core curriculum can be found here.


The document Cooperation and Collaboration offers suggestions to facilitate artist-community relations. It was compiled in response to feedback, personal accounts and questions received following the 2008 Wings to the Spirit Arts Conference.


Fostering a Climate of Encouragement in the Arts is a summary of a Keynote Presentation by Ludwig Tuman given at the 2008 “Wings to the Spirit” Arts Conference, Pensacola, Florida It includes the following subjects:

1. The need to re-orient the arts to spiritual service
2. What will the practice of the arts be like after they absorb Baha’i values?
3. The coming world-wide renaissance in the arts
4. What each of us can do to foster a climate of encouragement in the arts


Networking our Vision of the Core Concept of Art is summary of the essential, primary features of the nature and practice of the arts, as the author understands them to be given or implied in the Bahá’í teachings. Written with the general public as well as the Bahá’í community in mind, it presented by Ludwig Tuman at the Bahá’í Conference on Social & Economic Development, 1999, and was edited by author 24 June 2007.

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